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Probiotics for Eczema: Which Skincare Products are Good for Eczema?

If you have eczema, you’ve probably learned by now that what you do – and don’t – apply to your skin can have an impact on how long your skin remains red and itchy. However, finding out which products work best for you can be a challenge.  Although there is no known cure for eczema, probiotic skincare for eczema can prevent flare-ups and soothe them when they do occur. Let’s take a further look at how probiotics are good for eczema as well as the best skincare for eczema on the face. What is Eczema?  Eczema is an inflammatory skin...

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Women with acne-prone skin

Tips for Managing Acne Prone Skin Naturally

Acne is a common skin condition that can affect anyone at any stage. According to a study by the Global Burden of Disease (GBD, 85% of young adults aged 12–25 years experience acne.  If you ask any female what her biggest nightmare is, she would probably mention sudden pimples that appear right before a special occasion. If you constantly struggle with acne breakouts, it's safe to say you have acne-prone skin.  Despite acne being common and a normal part of life for many, it can still impact our self-esteem and make us less confident about our appearance.  Intense skincare treatments...

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Woman in pink holding a bottle of retinol

What is Retinol? How to Start Using Retinol in Your Skincare Routine

Retinol, it’s the buzziest skincare ingredient that most experts recommend in skin care today. Despite its alleged advantages, many individuals might be reluctant to use it in their skincare routines because there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding it. Although you don't need to understand the complex scientific principles behind what makes retinol such a well-known powerhouse, it's always a good idea to learn more about how components work, what they address, and if they are right for you. So what is retinol, how does it function, and why is it so popular in skin care products? In a...

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What Causes Puffy Eyes? 6 Causes of Under Eye Bags

Puffy eyes are one cosmetic concern that most people can say they have dealt with at some point in their life. If you experience puffy eyes after a long night or a good cry, there is no need to worry.  Puffy eyes and eye bags are extremely common as you age and your eye tissues weaken. This causes fat to accumulate in the lower eyelids, giving them a swollen appearance.  While swollen eyes are nothing to be concerned about, they can make us feel very self-conscious. At-home remedies can help improve their appearance and soothe the eye area.  Keep reading...

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Before and after successful rosacea treatment

Benefits of Using Probiotics for Rosacea

Do you struggle with facial redness on the cheeks, nose, forehead, or chin? If so, you may have what’s known as rosacea. Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes one to blush or flush more easily than other people, and some people may suffer from pimples or red spots. Using probiotics for rosacea is a great way to control these flare-ups and minimize symptoms. Applying probiotics directly to the skin protects the skin cells from bad bacteria and parasites, further preventing inflammation, redness, and acne. There’s no cure for rosacea, but probiotic skincare for rosacea can calm skin and...

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What is Probiotic Skincare?

Skincare is a trendy healthy habit that’ll never go out of style. With a concrete skincare regimen in place, you can help your complexion stay in great shape as you age. Over time, a proper skincare routine can treat and prevent acne, scars, wrinkles and discolouration. Cleansing, moisturising and protecting with SPF are the most important aspects of skincare, but which products work best? What kind of ingredients should you look for and which ones should be avoided altogether? Live probiotic skincare is a route to consider, as research shows that topical probiotics applied to the skin is helpful in...

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