As a busy new mum, our NPD Lead Erin Barlow doesn't have time for an OTT 12-step morning skincare routine. That's okay, because she has her simple and quick skincare routine down pat. 

Here she takes us through her morning routine, using her must-have faves and essentials, including our Live Probiotic Hydration Serum (which she helped formulate!)



 1. Eve Lom Balm Cleanser: It cleanses all my sins without stripping my face.

2. USC Live Probiotic Hydration Serum: THIS every morning & night - the skin microbiome is the foundation for healthy & radiant skin.

3. Mecca SPF50 sunscreen: I’d never go a day without this - a good sunscreen is a must for health & keeping skin looking fresh.

4. Breeze Balm: This is one of my ride or die products - a formula that’s been around for years & stood the test of time. Lanolin is one of my favourite ingredients for keeping lips hydrated.

5. Byredo: My go-to perfume. For me it’s spices over florals any day.