To celebrate the launch of our brand and Skin Peace Pledge campaign, we held a launch event in our hometown of Dunedin.

It was a great chance to showcase the product and new brand film that introduces our Skin Peace Pledge campaign. Our CMO Julie Curphey took the audience through the origins of the brand, product and brand mission that is driving the campaign. 

Special thanks to P from The Hits, the Dunedin NZME team for all their help, Otago Museum for the great venue, Precinct Catering for the amazing catering, Meadow Creative for the styling, Blake Armstrong for the photography. 

A very special thanks to our guest speaker Vanisha Mishravakaoti for sharing her skin journey with us as well. 

Unconditional Skincare Science Team

Casey Jenkins and Sarah Hill at the Unconditional Skincare Launch

Guests at the Dunedin launch of Unconditional Skincare Co.

Alex Fenwick at Unconditional Skincare Co launch

Julie Curphey & P from The Hits discuss the Skin Peace Pledge

Julie giving the rundown on probiotic skincare

Unconditional Skincare Co. launch of probiotic skincare

Vanisha Mishravakaoti shares her experience with the Live Probiotic Hydration Serum

 The BLIS Science Team