We took the hundreds of submissions about messaging you wanted to change, and used them to form a world-first Skin Peace Pledge. It's a new way of talking about women's skin, and our promise to you.

Unconditional Skincare Co. Launch

You told us you most wanted to change

"The unrealistic anti-ageing messages that make me feel like it's not okay to age."

"The messages trying to sell me flawless skin... as if there isn't beauty in being different."

"I want to stop feeling shamed for breakouts and acne, they are normal, and my skin shouldn't be punished for them."

Why we set out to do things differently

Every day women are bombarded with unrealistic messages about their skin - dry, oily, sensitive, too red, too wrinkly, not clear enough, not enough.
We didn't want to add to these negative messages.
And actually, we think your skin is a pretty amazing organ. That's why we promise to always be on your skin's side, working with it, for the ultimate goal of #SkinPeaceForAll

The YouTube Experiment

Knowing how bombarded women felt with all the unrealistic beauty messages online, we set out to find out how big the problem is. We pulled all the beauty messages shared on YouTube in 12 hours - creating five films that demonstrate just some of the messages directed at women every day.

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