Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the nitty-gritty. This FAQ page should help answer all your burning questions, but if it doesn’t feel free to ask directly at 


Your Order

Can I track my order?
We use NZ Post for shipping and they have this handy tracking site for finding out where your order is at. Just enter the order number you received in your order confirmation email from us. We will also send you an email upon purchase with this information. 

What international countries do you currently ship to? 

We ship internationally using an International Tracked Satchel - Track & Trace - NZ$30.00 flat rate for orders under NZ$249.99.

We ship to: Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Brazil, United States. 

(Estimated delivery: 7-14 business days)

How long will my order take to arrive?
We aim to have orders processed, and shipped within 24 hours of receiving your orders. New Zealand Post’s shipping estimates are below.

New Zealand:  Typically 1-2 business days.
Australia: Typically 5-7 business days. 
Other international: 7-14 business days. 

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery within NZ is a flat fee of $5. To Austalia it is a flat fee of $15. Other international is a flat fee of NZ$30.

Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?
To change your order please email  as soon as possible.  We will endeavour to help but it is dependent on whether the order has already been shipped. Once shipped, we can’t change the order and you will need to go through our returns and refunds policy. This can be found here.

Refunds & Returns
If for any reason, you’re unhappy with your purchase, you may return the product within 14 days of delivery for a full refund (shipping costs not included).

The product must be unused and in the same condition as it was delivered in.

Please email us at within that time so that we can resolve any issues and issue you a return authorisation and address.

Unconditional Skincare Co. will not be responsible for lost parcels in transit so recommend you use a tracked method of return.

Missing or Damaged Goods
If your product was damaged in transit please send a photo to us at On confirmation of the damage, we will send you a replacement product with a pre-paid courier bag included for you to return the damaged goods to us.

For missing items, we recommend trying Track & Trace first, and checking with neighbours. If this doesn’t track down your parcel then contact us and we will investigate with the shipping provider from this end. 

Purchasing & Shipping

Can I buy Unconditional Skincare in any shops?
You can find us stocked at the below beauty therapists:


Simone Rose
51 Birkdale Road,
Birkdale, Auckland 

Hawke's Bay

The Green Room 
501 Sylvan Road
Parkvale, Hastings

Havelock North

Peak Appearance
Village Health Centre - next to the Fire Station
33 - 35 Napier Road
Havelock North 4130 
06 877 4450 

To find out about being a stockist email 


How do I contact Unconditional Skincare Co.?
You can phone us on +64 3 474 0988 or email 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship from our NZ factory to the following countries:

Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Brazil, United States. 

Please note that due to Covid-19, shipping can be delayed and take longer than expected. 

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards at checkout. 

Is it safe to use my credit card on
Yes. All customer data is encrypted when being sent to the payment provider and not stored on the website. 

Live Probiotic Hydration Serum (LPHS)

Are there any ingredients that should be avoided when using the LPHS, to ensure Q24 stays alive and stable on the skin?

We’ve tested Q24 with a wide range of ingredients and once it’s on your skin, it’s actually very hardy.  Acids and strong actives can effect the probiotic, but it really depends on the strength of the ingredient in the product, so our suggestion is keep using these products, but wait a while after applied so they have absorbed, before applying the LPHS.

I've just pumped the Live Probiotic Hydration Serum but the white moisturiser is the only one coming out, shouldn't it have the yellow serum in it too?

When you first pump a cosmetic product it’s normal to pump a few times to get the product flowing. 

Once the bottle is primed from a couple of pumps, the gold serum should come out enclosed within a cocoon of the white moisturiser that you will notice if you rub the moisturiser apart once on your hand. If you can't see any sign of gold, there’s a chance that the pump might need a little help to start flowing, which can be done easily by turning the product on its head and giving it a few firm taps on a hard surface.

The reason for this is the special airless pump that we’ve used, which keeps our Q24 safe inside. The pump works by creating a suction when you pump, pushing the serum out of the nozzle and pulling the disc at the bottom of the chamber upwards. The disc is held in place by its light grip on the inside of the chamber and very rarely this grip can become a little harder than we’d like, so a little encouragement to loosen up is needed.

My bottle is having trouble pumping - the white serum is no longer coming out even though I am sure there is plenty in the bottle.

The moisturiser travels up the bottle through a dip tube, which is basically a straw. This means that the moisturiser needs to be sitting at the bottom of the chamber to be sucked into the dip tube when you pump. We use a thick and lightweight moisturiser, which means it can naturally sit on the walls of the chamber, especially if the bottle has been stored on its side.

All that's needed if this happens is some gentle tapping of the bottom of the bottle on the palm of your hand. Ensure that the bottle is upright so that the moisturiser falls to the bottom and can be sucked effectively up the tube again.

Skin & Microbiome Concerns

Can I use Unconditional Skincare if I have sensitive skin?
Yes you can. Unconditional skincare is made from good stuff only, with ingredients that have been shown to be non-irritating. Our products are free from parabens, phthalates, silicones, PEGs (polyethylene glycols),  MEA (monoethanolamine),  DEA (diethanolamine), TEA (triethanolamine), plypropylene glycol. We’re also fragrance free.

Then there’s our hero patented ingredient, BLIS Q24®, a live probiotic that reduces inflammation and redness by inhibiting bad bacteria and supporting your microbiome. A balanced microbiome = healthy skin.

Our consumer testing has shown no irritation with our product, but if you do notice redness or irritation on your own skin, we recommend you err on the side of caution and discontinue use. 

Do your products suit all skin types?
Actually we don’t buy into the idea of skin types, or ‘good’ or ‘bad’ skin. We believe it’s all about balance, and because our products work to restore your skin microbiome, the skin type box that you tick at the beauty counter isn’t really relevant. The key to your best skin is found in your skin microbiome, and every skin type has one of those!

What is BLIS Q24®
BLIS Q24® is the name for the unique probiotic strain found in Unconditional Skincare Co. products and a bit less of a mouthful than its scientific name, Micrococcus luteus 24. The strain was discovered by BLIS Probiotics in our research labs in New Zealand. It naturally occurs on human skin - so it’s perfectly suited to thrive in your skin microbiome.

What is probiotic skincare?
Probiotics are live micro-organisms that are good for you and benefit the body.  A lot of skincare is marketed as probiotic, but often these products actually contain lysates (dead bacteria). Lysates provide helpful benefits to the skin microbiome too, but they do not colonise on your skin - growing in numbers - to crowd out bad bacteria. 

How do you keep the probiotic alive and stable?
The separate chambers (one for the BLIS Q24® serum and the other for the hydrator), ensure the live probiotic reaches your skin alive and well. It comes to life again once applied to skin, where it gets to work crowding out bad bacteria and restoring the health of your skin microbiome. 

The serum doesn’t have any preservatives in it, why is that? Won’t it make my skincare go bad?
Preservatives are added to products that are at risk of spoilage or contamination. This can happen with aqueous (water based) products as bacteria, like all living things, need water to grow. That’s why water based moisturisers contain preservatives. Oil on the other hand, like the base of our patent-pending BLIS Q24® serum, doesn’t allow bacteria to grow or spoil the products. This is the reason for our double chamber bottle - we need to keep the elements separate from each other. 

Is sun exposure safe with Unconditional Skincare?
Our products do not trigger sun sensitivity, but we advise you to use sunscreen when outdoors regardless, so your skin is protected from UV rays.

Where are your skincare products made?
All of our products are proudly manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand. Our advanced probiotic strains were discovered and developed by Blis Technologies, further South in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Are the products tested on animals?
No, we test on human skin and microbiomes, not animal ones.

Is Unconditional Skincare safe to use during pregnancy?
Yes! In fact USC is a great option for pregnancy. Our ingredients are gentle and safe and free of any ingredients that you need to be wary of during pregnancy.