What is the skin microbiome?

Just like your gut, your skin is home to its own ecosystem, tasked with keeping skin healthy and happy. This skin flora is made up of billions of invisible micro-organisms. Both good and bacteria reside here but when the balance is tipped more towards the bad, you start to notice it on your skin. Excess oil and sebum plug hair follicles, and bad bacteria triggers inflammation, resulting in pimples and acne.

Resolving Skin Imbalance: The power of the skin barrier

The skin microbiome and skin barrier are closely connected. With a healthy biome, your skin's pH levels are optimal, and your skin's immue system is dialled down.
Your skin is at peace.

This harmony allows the skin barrier to do its good thing - keeping skin even, toned, smooth, hydrated and plump. You could say the skin microbiome is the key to unlocking your very best skin.

The power of BLIS Q24Ⓡ

From the skin, for the skin

Our patented probiotic strain BLIS Q24Ⓡ is unique in that it naturally lives in healthy skin microbiomes. This makes it perfectly suited to thrive in yours.

BLIS Q24Ⓡ is scientifically proven to balance and restore skin. It crowds out the growth of Cutibacterium acnes (the bacteria associated with acne).

In a clinical study, samples analysed from 0-25 days using COSMOS ID Technology demonstrated the ability of BLIS Q24® to crowd out acne causing bacteria.

five star reviews

Amazing Product

"We've used the serum for about two weeks and the result is unbelieveable! I have dry and sensitive skin, on top of that I have ezcema and bad acne. Miracle does not happen overnight but during the two weeks I can see my skin condition is getting much better." - Nadia

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Hormonal Skin Saviour

"I had teenage acne, backne, frontne, ingrown hairs, the LOT. Then my skin got good until hormones entered. Had my mirena removed, paid thousands in extractions and facials and products and still was told that my hormonal acne wouldn’t go away.

I’ve used some incredible products but I whole heartedly rely on BLIS Q24®. The first 10 days my skin did a little purge and then my period came with ZERO breakouts."

- Petra (Cosmetic Chemist)

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Noticeable Difference

"I managed to convince my son to give this a go as
it is easy to use and he liked the idea of the science behind it. 

After three weeks the improvement was impressive, so we ordered more product so we don't run out.  His skin is less irritated and noticeably smoother. 

- Carole

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Restore skin biome: Dramatic Changes

"For the last 4 years I have tried a lot of different products , even some recommended by a doctor for my back acne and nothing has worked. Within the first week of using the hydration serum I noticed dramatic and very unexpected changes.

My acne isn’t completely gone yet, but I haven’t had a flare up since. This is by far the clearest my skin has been in the last 4 years.

Genuine customer service and a brand I would recommend to anyone."

- TJ

Your skin is the solution

Working with your skin by using a live probiotic to restore and balance your microbiome is one of the most natural and effective ways to keep it looking its happiest. While a lot of products treat the skin by wiping out the microbiome, further compromising the skin barrier, ours works with your skin, to gently clear it.

Discover the science behind how our Live Probiotic Hydration Serum can help your skin.

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