Fierce defenders of your skin

We believe in the power that lies in your skin microbiome, yes yours, to restore your skin to its optimal condition.

So how can probiotics cure eczema?

More than one trillion bacteria, representing nearly a thousand different species, are present in and on our skin. These vital microorganisms help us stay healthy by preventing infections, reducing environmental damage, boosting immunity, balancing pH levels, and maintaining smooth, dewy skin.

When anything disturbs the delicate balance of bacteria in our bodies, bad bacteria can grow and drive out the beneficial bacteria. This starts a storm of inflammation that affects every organ, but most noticeably our skin, leading to flare-ups of eczema.

Our skin’s microbiome is the insider's secret to clear, luminous, and glowing skin.

Identifying an imbalance

When bad bacteria outnumber the good, alarm bells start ringing in our skin’s immune system and our skin barrier becomes compromised, paving the way for eczema.

Your skin microbiome may become compromised by what you apply to your skin and what you put in your body. The microbiome of your skin is both powerful and sensitive so examine your topicals, lifestyle, and gut microbiome health to make sure you are not harming it.

A live probiotic balances the microbiome, helping to restore and heal the skin back to its natural condition. Bacteria flora is very different in individuals with eczema, so skin probiotics for eczema work to produce healthy bacteria to heal the skin. Probiotic eczema cream contains live probiotics that assist in the production of good bacteria and fight off bad bacteria.

Discover your microscopic ally

The probiotic strain that powers our Live Probiotic Hydration Serum, Blis Q24Ⓡ, has shown to inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus. That’s the bacteria found on the skin of nearly everyone with eczema. In one study, 82% of people who used our Live Probiotic Hydration Serum twice daily for 30 days noticed a reduction in dry areas; 81% saw less flaky or rough skin; and 62% noticed less redness.  

Our eczema probiotics serum nourishes and restores the skin back to its glowy best. It strengthens the skin barrier while crowding out bad bacteria, resulting in a healthy and strong microbiome. Take control of your eczema and achieve smoother and brighter skin with Blis Q24Ⓡ.

*Note that individual results may vary.

Your skin is the solution

Working with your skin by using a live probiotic for eczema to restore and balance your microbiome is one of the most natural and effective ways to keep it looking its happiest.

Stop spending hours dealing with dry, flaky, red, and inflamed skin, and start seeing the results you deserve! Bring peace to your skin's biome with our BLIS Q24® Live Probiotic Hydration Serum.

Discover the science behind how our Live Probiotic Hydration Serum can help your skin.

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