Tell us what unrealistic beauty messages most impact how you feel about your skin. Your contribution will be used to inform The Skin Peace Pledge – our commitment to a new way of talking about women's skin.

You told us you most wanted to change

"The unrealistic anti-ageing messages that make me feel like it's not okay to age."

"The messages trying to sell me flawless skin... as if there isn't beauty in being different."

"I want to stop feeling shamed for breakouts and acne, they are normal, and my skin shouldn't be punished for them."

What is the Skin Peace Pledge?

We know that your skin is enough. Fifteen years of research into skin probiotics has shown us that the solution to healthy skin lies in your microbiome – not elsewhere. Unfortunately, that's not how many women feel; instead they're having their skin confidence damaged by a bombardment of unrealistic beauty messages and the idea of 'good' and 'bad' skin.

We're declaring a ceasefire, and with your help and the guidance of an expert advisor, we're creating a world-first Skin Peace Pledge – our commitment to a new way to talk about skin. Your comments will form the basis of the Pledge. Supported by skincare experts, influencers and peers, The Skin Peace Pledge will be curated by us all.

The YouTube Experiment

Every day, thousands of unrealistic beauty messages are posted online that make women question whether their skin is worthy of unconditional love. 1 in 2 women surveyed said they felt bombarded with these unrealistic beauty messages and 1 in 3 said they affect their self-esteem.*

So, we set out to see just how big the problem is, pulling all the beauty messages shared on YouTube in twelve hours - creating five films that showcase just some of the messages directed at women every day.

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*Skin Confidence Survey, Unconditional Skincare Co., NZ Quantitative Study, 2021.