How will your contributions to the #SkinPeacePledge be used?

The goal of the #SkinPeacePledge is to change the way we all talk about women's skin for the better, rejecting false promises, unrealistic expectations and outdated beauty ideals that damage women's confidence.

Your contributions will be used to help us identify the messages that most negatively impact women’s relationship with their skin and inform a set of standards that we'll commit to through our world-first Skin Peace Pledge.

We don't believe women should be bombarded with these messages, and together with our expert advisor, we can bring skin peace to all.

Why should you contribute to the Skin Peace Pledge?

Women are constantly bombarded with unrealistic messages about their skin – dry, oily, sensitive, too red, too wrinkly, not clear enough, not enough. In a recent survey, we found that:

1 in 2 women feel bombarded with unrealistic beauty messages.*
1 in 3 women said that these messages affect their self-esteem.*

We believe that women's skin is enough. That's why we're on a mission to bring skin peace to all – through our products and our world-first #SkinPeacePledge. Your contributions will help shape a new conversation around skin and ideally allow everyone to find skin peace.

*Skin Confidence Survey, Unconditional Skincare Co., NZ Quantitative Study, 2021.