Live Probiotic Hydration Serum


Our hydration serum is enriched with a powerful live probiotic that works with your skin to actively balance your microbiome. Yes, your skin. However it shows up. Accept it, embrace it, and empower it to glow at its healthy, radiant best.

It partners with your skin exactly as it is to balance, hydrate and restore it to its natural condition.

Our only conditions:
– Live Probiotic
– Nourishes and Restores Skin
– Made in NZ
– No Nasties
– Cruelty Free
– Fragrance Free
– Live probiotic BLIS Q24®

150 million CFU/dose of Q24*

*based on an average dosage size of 120mg Q24-containing serum per application.


How we keep it live

To make sure our live probiotic reaches your skin alive and well, our bottle contains two separate chambers - one for the serum (containing the BLIS Q24® live probiotic) and the other for the hydrator. When you press the pump these two elements mix so that you are delivered the perfectly balanced Live Probiotic Hydration Serum for optimal skin peace.