Our science

As pioneers in the field with 15 years of experience in skin probiotics, when our scientists isolated the BLIS Q24® probiotic strain they knew it could change the way we think about skincare.

Live probiotic goodness

The probiotic that powers our skincare is truly live. What does this mean for your skin? It means once applied it has the unique ability to colonise and duplicate within your skin microbiome.

This balances out the bad bacteria to restore the peace in your biome and barrier. A restored and balanced microbiome keeps skin hydrated, happy, clear and glowing. Happy microbiome = happy skin.

Our mission

Unconditional Skincare Co. was born out of an understanding that your skin is enough. Our scientists at BLIS Probiotics have been reseraching the natural healing power that lies in the microbiome for decades. We believe there is no such thing as ‘good skin’ or ‘bad skin’.

Because all skin has the potential to be its healthy, glowy best when nurtured with the live goodness it needs.

Join our mission for Skin Peace

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